Barossa Shiraz Smart Money Six Pack


Our eight Artisan winemakers are close to the end of what has been an incredible Barossa vintage. Not without its excitements of course, with an early season hailstorm and an out of the blue tropical storm sure to be the topic of pub talk for many years to come. But come the end of harvest, all we see are smiling faces. The 2022 vintage will rank as one of the greats of all time.

Shiraz has been a standout performer, and in the coming months winemakers will begin classifying the many wines they have made according to a well established regime. The very best wines will be reserved for their respective 'grand' wines, the remaining wines allocated to other wines in their range dependent on quality ranking and style. It's a process that continues throughout the maturation period, concluding with a final review prior to bottling.

There is no doubting that the top Shiraz wine in each producer's portfolio represent some of the finest expressions of Shiraz made in this country. Many can stand proud amongst collections of the best red wines in the world. They are worthy of very special occasions, and long term cellaring.

The smart money is often on the next level down. Wines that come at more approachable price points. Wines made from fruit that often just misses being included in the very best wine. Throughout the classified wines of Bordeaux, we see a proliferation of second label wines that are representative of the very same process. Ironically bearing prices that are well in excess of the best of our Barossa wines. The difference between the price of our Artisans' second wine and their European equivalents often beggars belief!

Here are six exceptional Barossa Shiraz. Each representing the second rung from the top of their respective winery portfolios. Given their provenance and the renown of the makers, at an average of $45 a bottle including delivery, each wine represents extraordinary value.

Priced at $270 including delivery, you'll save 20% on our wine room price. Each wine drinks beautifully now, but all will also reward cellaring of 10-15 years. Each six pack contains the following wines:


2020 John Duval Entity Shiraz

2019 Purple Hands After Five Wine Co Shiraz

2020 Hobbs' Aria Secca Shiraz

2018 Six Origins Ebenezer Shiraz by John Duval

2018 Six Oriigins High Eden Shiraz by Pete Schell

2019 Sons of Eden Zephyrus Shiraz