Lienert Vineyards Tierra del Puerco Dozen

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The rich red soils of the western edge are home to fantastic Barossa Valley vineyards, but turn back the clock a couple of generations and the landscape was producing champions of a different kind.

Grape growing, harvesting and winemaking are today's roles for seventh-generation custodians brothers John and James Lienert; the Lienerts of old were champion pig breeders harvesting blue ribbons and trophies for their prized stud pigs. A Lienert pig was worth its weight in gold in the day, commanding national attention from pig breeders Australia-wideto .

The landscape now dubbed Tierra del Puerco - or Land of the Pigs is a tribute to the Lienerts of yesteryear. It's fitting that the wines made from the family property today can be marked on the same scorecard their pig breeding ancestors were judged by.  A magnificent look, great length, a strong back and when required a well-fleshed belly!

We encourage our Friends of Artisans to grab a case of Tierra del Puerco wines for their own wine racks. These wines are generous and ready to be opened at a moment's notice. A Mixed dozen includes 3 bottles each of...