2020 Hobbs Premium Releases


Allison and Greg Hobbs have been custodians over their Flaxman Valley vineyard for over 20 years now, and in that time have set themselves to be amongst the finest premium shiraz growers and makers in the Barossa.

Each year we eagerly anticipate the release of their two flagship wines and now we take great pleasure in sharing the 2020 vintages of '1905 Shiraz' and 'Gregor' shiraz.

1905 Shiraz is humbly yet aptly named for its hand tendered vineyard. Vines planted in 1905, nurtured and cared for by Allison and Greg, provide dense small bunches of supremely concentrated fruit. An elegant wine with tremendous levels of concentration and flavour ripe raspberries, dark red berries, warm cedar with a hint of vanilla and a spicy, peppery undertone. It is a wine built for the long haul and in good cellaring conditions is easily a 20 year proposition.

Gregor is perhaps one of the most densest and concentrated wines within the broader Artisans wine list. Made in an appissimento style where after hand picking, fruit is laid on trays to dehydrate fruit slightly lifting Baume by as much as 1.5 points. The resulting wine is powerful, showing rich dark fruits, multi faceted spice mix of aniseed, pepper, clove and mace. Sumptuous and indulgence are the perfect metaphors for this wine.

If your preference is for deeply coloured, richly flavoured wines of extravagant character, then this is a wonderful opportunity to have some of the rarest bottles from our Artisans in your own collection..