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In the heart of the Barossa lies a treasure trove of white delights, flying under the radar for many but the most adventurous. The comments in our Wine Room often revolve around a conversation of "I just didn't realise how many styles of white wine are made here in the Barossa!." It's more than Shiraz at our place.

We're thrilled to present this journey of discovery through 'Barossa Blanc' ~ as we loosely call this tasting ~ and it's another reason why no one else covers the Barossa as we do. With our latest curated collection, you can enjoy this progressive tasting in the comfort of your own house, shack, cabin, boat or campsite. To compliment, just add whatever is fresh from the local fishmonger & fresh vege store. Raw or cooked with a light touch.

Our exclusive mixed six-pack is a testament to the diversity and small-batch winemaking we are renowned for, showcasing a range of white grape varieties that speak volumes of the region's diversity.

Let's get into the details:

- Schwarz Wine Co. Chenin Blanc 2023: Vibrant, adaptable and resilient. Chenin Blanc offers a palate of crisp apple and quince notes, lip-smacking with minerality. Single Vineyard, Rochlach Family, Light Pass, Barossa Valley. 92 points, Dave Brookes, Halliday Wine Companion.

- Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. 'Not Your Grandma's' Riesling 2023: The wine that redefined a category for a new gen. We don't say that lightly, either. This Riesling breaks all stereotypes ~ lively citrus zest and delicate floral undertones. Single Vineyard, Noack Family, Springton, Eden Valley. 450masl.

- Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. 'BLÜHEN PUNKT* Gewürztraminer 2022: Did you know it's a pink-skinned mutation of Savagnin? Blühen Punkt meaning Blossom Point. Currently in its perfect drinking window, this wine is a symphony of exotic spices and fragrant lychee, a true masterpiece of complexity and finesse. Single Vineyard, Fechner Family, Eden Valley

- Sons of Eden 'Freya' Riesling 2005: Celebrate the inaugural release of a Riesling that has patiently matured into an elegant expression of lime and mineral nuances, a rare find exclusively available through our wine room. Eden Valley in all its power and glory.

- Lienert Vineyards 'PIQ' Piqupoul 2023: A groundbreaking venture as Barossa's first Piqupoul, this wine is a refreshing dive into uncharted waters, offering bright acidity paired with enticing salinity and citrus bloom. Single Vineyard, Lienert Family, Gommersal, Barossa Valley. 'Out West" as we say.

- Spinifex 'Lola' Field Blend 2021: A testament to the art of blending, where Semillon (66%) leads a dance with Clairette (15%), Ugni Blanc (12%), and Vermentino (7%), crafting a layered experience of texture. Unconventional, avant-garde, one of the most original wines from old vines across the Barossa Valley.

At Artisans of Barossa, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled coverage of the Barossa, bringing to light small-batch, high-quality wines that define this iconic region away from a pejorative narrative of a large mono-culture.

Embrace the diversity of Barossa whites and uncover the stories each bottle has to tell. Secure your mixed six-pack today and experience why Artisans of Barossa remains the premier destination for those who seek the extraordinary in every glass. Visit us and discover small-batch Barossa.