Discover a Different Barossa #2 - Six Pack


To visitors to our wine room, we tell the story that our eight wineries embrace 20 different grape varieties, yet 60% of the Barossa's production is Shiraz and almost 100% of the noise, too. We love getting our guests to discover a "different" Barossa during their time with us, and you can now do this at home, perhaps over dinner, and recommended with friends added too.  

This selection invites you to a journey through the hidden corners of Barossa's vineyards, where tradition meets innovation.

  1. Spinifex La Cigale Red Blend 2021: A repeat performance in this ensemble, it's a fresh and bright wine with energy and animated generosity. It's a Spinifex bistro classic.
  2. Sons of Eden Freya Riesling 2016: A second repeat performance, this is a perfectly aged release direct from Sons of Eden's cellars.
  3. Schwarz Wine Co. Nitschke Block Shiraz 2021: A bold statement in a bottle, encapsulating the soulful depth of Barossa Shiraz. Master of the dinner table.
  4. Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. Not Your Grandma's Riesling 2023: An audacious twist on the classic, this Riesling is a modern-day rebel in a glass.
  5. Lienert Vineyards Tierra del Puerco Challenger Grenache Mataro Malbec 2021: Lifetd Grenache aromatics, Mataro brings earthiness and umami, followed by spice and juicy fruit from Malbec. It's a modern take on the classic GSM.
  6. Purple Hands Wines After Five Wine Co. Montepulciano 2020: A flirtatious encounter with Italian charm, this Montepulciano adds an exotic flair to the collection. Single Vineyard, Williamstown, planted in 2011.

The six-pack comes in an elegant, sturdy box, showcasing the rustic charm of the Barossa Valley. Each bottle is securely nestled in eco-friendly packaging, ensuring safe transport and an impressive unboxing experience. Wrap a simple ribbon around it and gift it to a friend! You can reuse the box many times, and when you have finished, it's compostable.