Discover: Barossa Diversity - Exclusive Mixed Six Pack | Artisans of Barossa

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Harvest is painting the landscape with hues of possibility and promise, and in our wine room, we're pouring wines that mirror the region's vibrant diversity. With great excitement, we introduce our latest exclusive offering: "Discover Barossa Diversity" - a mixed six-pack that encapsulates the essence of our region's richness.

This hand-selected assortment celebrates the Barossa's multifaceted personality, featuring an array of grape varieties that showcase the depth and breadth of our vineyards' offerings. Enjoy the vast variety of styles with friends and BBQ chicken salads at your place. We're inside with the AC on at 37°, but if you can be outside, we'd recommend a solid chill on the whites and some laid-back tunes.

Let's get into the details:

- Schwarz Wine Co. Chenin Blanc 2023: A crisp and refreshing ode to the Barossa's ability to produce white wines of exceptional character and clarity.

- John Duval Wines 'Plexus White' Marsanne, Roussanne & Viognier 2022: Seize the final opportunity to experience this intricate blend, a harmonious interplay of textures and aromas that define complexity and elegance.

- Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. 'TRIPLE PUNKT* Riesling 2023: Delight in the newest vintage of this iconic Riesling, a testament to the purity and precision that can be achieved from Eden Valley's terroir.

- Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. 'LUX VENIT* Rosé 2022: Crafted from old vine Grenache, this Rosé is a luxurious expression of texture and nuance.

- Spinifex 'La Cigale' 2021: A poetic nod to the Barossa's harvest-time chorus, this blend of Mataro, Cinsault, Grenache, and Shiraz is as harmonious as the symphony of crickets it's named after.

- Spinifex 'Lola' Field Blend 2021: Explore the zenith of savoury and textural white wine with this unique field blend, proving and defining the diversity of the Barossa.