Discover Barossa: New Wave Rosé


Explorative, vibrant, innovative, refreshing ~ new wave Baorrsa rosé from Chaffey Bros. Wine Co, Spinifex, Schwarz Wine Co., and Lienert Vineyards. Nuanced, delicate, aromatic, balanced, versatile, modern, textured, dynamic.

Floral, strawberry, citrus, raspberry, delicate, peach, crisp, melon, refreshing, herbaceous, mineral, subtle, vibrant, elegant, spice, textured, and zesty.

Lienert Vineyards Tierra del Puerco Rosé

Lienert Vineyards PINQ Rosé

Spinifex Rosé

Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. LUX VENIT* Rosé

Schwarz Wine Co. Rosé

Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. Not Your Grandma's Rosé