Discover Global Barossa #1 - Six Pack

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When guests visit us in the Barossa Valley, they are often surprised by how many grape varieties we can show them, and one of our favourite tastings is showing them a global view of the wine world through the lens of the Barossa.

Our eight wineries embrace 20 different grape varieties whose origins are French, German, Italian, and Spanish. You can discover "global Barossa" at home, perhaps over dinner, and recommended with friends added too.

This is not just a collection of wines; it's a window into new vineyard and wine style experiments and the "beyond Shiraz" thinking from some of Barossa's greatest thinkers and winemakers. A story of innovation, of looking beyond the gate and into the future.

Let's get into the details:

- Schwarz Wine Co. 'Meta' Grenache Blanc 2023: A vibrant testament to the adaptability and freshness of Barossa whites, this Grenache Blanc is a pioneering effort by Schwarz Wine Co., the second vintage released.

- Purple Hands 'After Five Wine Co. Montepulciano 2020: A journey to the heart of Italy via Barossa. This Montepulciano is a bold, beautiful expression of how international varieties thrive on our soils, offering a taste that's both exotic and unmistakably Barossa.

- Lienert Vineyards' Tierra del Puerco' Challenger Grenache Mataro Malbec 2021: A daring blend that challenges the palate with its complexity and depth, embodying the innovation of James's Lienert's winemaking.

- Chaffey Bros. Wine Co.' DÜFT PUNKT* Field Blend 2023: A melody of aromatic varieties, this field blend is a sensorial journey through the innovative and experimental paths our vintners tread, capturing the essence of Barossa's dynamic terroir. Gewürztraminer, Riesling, Kerner from the Fechner Vineyard in Eden Valley.

- John Duval Wines 'Concilio' Grenache Shiraz 2022: A harmonious alliance of Grenache and Shiraz with nuanced elegance and sophistication. Barossa in its most modern incarnation.

- Spinifex Wines Syrah: A nod to the Rhône, this Syrah is Barossa's bold statement of quality and character, offering a glimpse into the refined, peppery, and voluptuous personality of our region's flagship variety.

This exclusive pack is not merely a collection of wines; it's an invitation to discover the new evolution of grapes in the Barossa, where innovation meets tradition, and the diversity of varietals speaks to the skill and passion of our artisans. Each bottle is a testament to the unique qualities and craftsmanship that make Artisans of Barossa the premier online destination for small-batch, high-quality Barossa wine.