Lienert Vineyards Top Wineries Six Pack


We all start from the same place in the business of making wine. Motivated by a desire to fulfil personal ambition and satisfy curiosity. To earn a crust doing what we love. Doing what we’re good at. By taking a running jump into a world already amply supplied with winemakers, wineries, wine labels and wines. Inspired by a need to scratch the itch that just had to be scratched. Compelled by the thought that we will in some way add to the already complex equation that produces the sum of Barossa wine. Contributing to its forward propulsion. Making it just that little bit better.

The brothers Lienert – grower John and winemaker James – are relatively recent additions to the Barossa winemaking community. Launching their family label in 2016 following many years as growers supplying fruit to other well known Barossa winemaking names. Their commitment to pursuing their own path in wine and strict adherence to the values of small batch winemaking easily qualifying them as our kind of folk. The outstanding quality of their wines making them a shoe in to join the Artisans in 2019.

Journeys in winemaking can often resemble a game of snakes and ladders, and John and James are experienced gamers in that respect. A game where you heartily celebrate the wins, and ride out the bumps with a grin. For the Lienert family, this week was a winner. Listed for the first time amongst Australia’s Top Wineries of 2022 by respected publication The Real Review. We suspect this to be just the beginning of a long and steady climb up the charts. The first of many wins that will be celebrated with the usual Lienert gusto!

Here are six wines to help you kick start your journey in Barossa wine from the Lienert family’s perspective. A six pack containing 1 bottle of each for $150, a saving of 20%. All orders valued over $200 are shipped free of charge.

Each case includes these wines:

  • 2021 Lienert Vineyards Grenache $45

  • 2021 Lienert Vineyards Roussanne $30

  • 2020 Tierra del Puerco Grenache Mataro Malbec $28

  • 2020 Tierra del Puerco Malbec $28

  • 2018 Jack West Shiraz $28

  • 2020 Jack West Grenache $28