Old Vine Six Pack


When it comes to old vine bragging rights, the Barossa has plenty to crow about when great wine regions of the world gather. For while others may point to the odd still surviving century old vineyard as a jewel in the crown, the Barossa has a collection of such jewels that would outshine Liberace!

We are fortunate the vine louse Phylloxera has never blighted the vineyards of South Australia, as it has decimated those in other Australian states and wine producing nations. Coupled with the commitment of multiple generations of Barossa grape growing families, today's winemakers find themselves endowed with the largest collection of century old vineyards anywhere in the world. (To find out how you can do your bit to keep things Phylloxera free, check out this handy advice from Vine Health Australia. Nice to look at, but not so nice to walk in is our credo!)

A number of our Artisans have forged strong and enduring relationships with local grape growers,  gaining privileged access to vineyards of more than 100 years old from which to make special wines. Greg and Allison Hobbs have gone one step better, owning their owned treasured patch of ancient vines planted in 1905. As such, we're incredibly fortunate to present a comprehensive selection of Barossa old vine wines to visitors to our Barossa wine room, and to the Friends of Artisans.

From the 2019 vintage, we currently have 5 wines made from fruit grown in vineyards greater than 100 years old. Wines perfect for the cellar, a special occasion, or as a gift to a good friend or favored member of the family. We're offering a bottle of each to you for $430 including delivery, a saving of 20%. PLUS we'll include with our complements a bottle of the James Halliday 97 point 2019 Sons of Eden Zephryus Shiraz for you to enjoy. Made from vineyards varying from 20 - 60 years old. Perfect for the cellar, but immensely enjoyable as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.

Each six pack contains a bottle each of:

Hobbs of Barossa Ranges '1905' Shiraz 2019

John Duval Wines 'Annexus' Grenache 2019

Schwarz Wine Co. 'The Schiller' Shiraz 2019

Purple Hands Planta Circa Grenache 2019

Purple Hands Planta Circa Shiraz 2019

Sons of Eden Zephyrus Shiraz 2019 (Bonus bottle)