Riesling Dozen - UPGRADED


Sports Drink. Social Currency. Door Opener.

Many such names does Eden Valley Riesling have around these parts . All serving to reinforce its exalted status as a pillar of Barossa social life. Be it a long table lunch. Late afternoon drinks. A not so serious business meeting.  Or just a splash in a freshly shucked Coffin Bay oyster and down the hatch. A universal lubricant for all nature of social connections and occasions.

Corey Ryan is our go to guy for Riesling, being one of the 'sons' of the Sons of Eden behind eternal favourite, Freya Eden Valley Riesling. Hence, each year we ask him to make a small batch of Eden Valley Riesling for our Artisans of Barossa label. The 2021 is a pearler of a wine from a stunning vintage. At $25 a bottle, you'd be hard pushed to find a better Riesling drink.

We're all growing accustomed to getting together more often. As such, a big box of Riesling is a handy social asset to have to hand....provided at least 2 bottles are always in the fridge. (A Barossa house rule!)

Here's the deal. A dozen bottles of 2021 Artisans of Barossa Eden Valley Riesling for $250 including delivery. A saving of 17% on our wine room price. But to add some extra sizzle, we'll upgrade 3 bottles in the dozen to give you the fullness of the Riesling experience.

Out comes 3 bottles of $25 Small Batch Riesling, and in their place comes a bottle of each:

2019 Sons of Eden Cirrus High Eden Valley Riesling ($63)
"Perfectly proportioned and impeccably harmonious. " 97 points, Sam Kim - Wine Orbit

2021 Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. 'Zeitpunkt' Organic Eden Valley Riesling ($39)
"...an intense and juicy feel with long, mouthwatering acidity." 93 points, James Suckling

2013 Sons of Eden Freya Riesling Museum Release ($33)
"...fine texture, flavour and finesse, drizzle of honey and a long tangy lemon finish. Good now or later." 94 points, Gary Walsh - Wine Front