Schwarz Wine Co. Thiele Road Grenache Mixed Vintage Pack

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The family Grenache block on Thiele Road in Bethany remains one of Jason’s favourite blocks. The first vintage of the Thiele Road Grenache was made by Jason Schwarz in 2002 and celebrates his love of this diverse variety. The gnarled, old vines were planted in 1941 and they produce fantastic fruit.

This pack compares three vintages, each being seven years apart.

2007, this vintage was on the back of some pretty dry years, and old Barossa Vines were able to survive and shine during this vintage.

2015 saw good rainfall leading up and a dry vintage, leading to early picking and almost all vineyards picked by the end of March. 

2022, one to remember. With a 48% higher than average rainfall coming into vintage, Nuriootpa weather station recorded its wettest winter since 1996. In October, a severe hailstorm affected the central Barossa Valley, damaging many young shoots. 4 months to the day in February, a second hailstorm hit the Northern Barossa, bringing more damage. Fruit that survived damage during this year is elegant and structured, with depth and length of flavour.