Summer Rosé Six Pack


We celebrate as a community when one of our own comes out on top. Congratulations to Turkey Flat Wines' proprietor Christie Schulz and winemaker Mark Bullman on their trophy win for Best Rosé at the Royal Melbourne Wine Show last week, following on from similar victories at the Barossa and Adelaide wine shows in September and October.

Barossa winemakers have led the way in transforming the image of rosé from luminescent pink and sickly sweet, to elegant, dry and savoury. An unmatched resource of old vine Grenache and Mataro the foundation of a generation of world class rosé. Wines vastly at odds to the oceans of flavourless swill that dominates the lower price points of the market.

To drink quality Rosé on a warm, sunny day is pure hedonism. To share a glass with a plate of cured meats and runny cheeses takes it to another level. With friends, these are the moments a summer for adults is made of.

Here are six rosé from our Artisan winemakers that reinforce how good Barossa rosé made well can be. Each subtly different from the other, each sublimely enjoyable. One bottle of each in a six pack for $150 plus $15 freight, saving you 19% off our wine room price.

Each six pack contains a bottle of:

  • 2021 Spinifex Rosé ($32)
  • 2021 Spinifex Luxe Rosé ($39)
  • 2021 Lienert Vineyards Tierra del Puerco Rosé ($28)
  • 2021 Schwarz Wine Co. Rosé ($32)
  • 2021 Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. Not Your Grandma's Rosé ($25)
  • 2020 Chaffey Bros. Luxe Venit Rosé ($29)