Are you ready to embark on a memorable journey to Artisans of Barossa in the heart of the stunning Barossa Valley? Let us guide you on this scenic drive, whether you're starting from Adelaide or approaching from the north.


Driving from Adelaide:

  1. Start Your Journey: Kickstart your adventure by departing from Adelaide and heading north on Main North Road (A20) towards Gawler.
  2. Smooth Sailing on the Northern Expressway: Seamlessly merge onto the Northern Expressway (M20), a swift and convenient route to the Barossa Valley.
  3. Enjoy the Ride: Cruise along the Northern Expressway for approximately 45 minutes, adhering to a monitored speed limit of 110kmph.
  4. Exit Towards the Beauty: Take the exit onto Barossa Valley Way (B19) towards Tanunda, your gateway to this picturesque region.
  5. Scenic Views Abound: As you exit, you'll be greeted by the scenic wonders of the Barossa Valley, renowned for its sprawling vineyards and breathtaking landscapes. Keep your eyes peeled for the captivating vineyards and crops lining both sides of the road, particularly along the enchanting Gomersal Road.
  6. Historic Tanunda Awaits: Your journey continues on Barossa Valley Way until you reach the historic village of Tanunda.
  7. Directions to Artisans of Barossa: After a delightful drive through Tanunda, stay on Barossa Valley Way until you spot Vine Vale Road. Follow the signs guiding you to Artisans of Barossa at Kroemer's Crossing Roundabout, situated on the outskirts of Tanunda. This impressive $6 million development was completed in 2020.
  8. Arrival: Turn right onto Vine Vale Road, and voilà, you've arrived at Artisans of Barossa, nestled at 24 Vine Vale Road. Its serene and picturesque setting awaits your exploration.

Approaching from the North:

  1. Begin Your Journey: If you're coming from the north, start by heading south on the Stuart Highway (A87) towards Nuriootpa.
  2. Embrace the Scenic Route: Continue along the Stuart Highway as it leads you through scenic countryside adorned with vineyards and captivating landscapes.
  3. Nuriootpa Beckons: As you approach Nuriootpa, a town nestled in the heart of the Barossa Valley, keep an eye out for signs indicating the Barossa Valley and Tanunda. Follow these signs to enter Nuriootpa.
  4. Towards Tanunda: Continue your drive on Barossa Valley Way towards Tanunda, savouring the beauty of the Barossa Valley's vineyards and countryside.
  5. Artisans of Barossa Beckons: As you draw nearer to Tanunda, watch for signs guiding you to Artisans of Barossa at Kroemer's Crossing Roundabout.
  6. Your Arrival: Turn left onto Vine Vale Road, and there you are, at Artisans of Barossa, located at 24 Vine Vale Road.