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Nowhere else can you discover more about Barossa wine than at Artisans of Barossa.
Over 100 wines from eight independent family-owned winemakers in one place.
Presented through tastings and deep dive experiences designed to take you on a personal journey of discovery in Barossa wine.


In just 20 years, the ranks of great Barossa winemakers have swelled as many new names have joined those of the establishment.

Collectively, the Barossa’s name shines brighter than ever, with its best wines sitting comfortably on the lists of the finest, rarest and most collectable.

Take a seat in our lounge the best seats in our Wine Room with views across the vineyards to the Barossa Ranges. Indulge in a tasting of some of the rarest expressions of Barossa, as well as access to our full tasting list.

For $50 per person, taste eight wines from our full tasting list, including our Rarities selections.

Allow 75 - 90 minutes for your tasting.

Discover Barossa

For nearly 200 years, our community of winemakers and grape growers have worked in tandem to produce not only exceptional quality wine, but an extraordinary array of winemaking expression.

These wines from our Artisans are the starting place on your journey of discovery into the world of small batch Barossa winemaking.

For $20 per person, taste up to six wines from our Discover Barossa tasting list.

Allow 45 - 60 minutes for your tasting.

Tasting fees are redeemable on a three bottle purchase.