AS1428 is an Australian Standard that specifies the design requirements for buildings and facilities to ensure they are accessible to people with disabilities. At Artisans of Barossa, the building has been designed to be compliant with this standard, which means that guests with disabilities can visit the building and enjoy all that it has to offer with ease and comfort.

What this means for guests is that the building has been designed with accessibility in mind. For example, there are designated accessible parking spaces close to the entrance, and the entrance itself has been designed to be easy to navigate for people using mobility aids like wheelchairs or walkers. The doorways are wide enough to allow easy access, and there are no steps or other barriers to prevent entry.

Inside the building, guests will find that the space has been designed to be easy to navigate, with wide hallways and doorways that allow plenty of room for mobility aids. The bathrooms are also fully accessible, with grab bars and other features that make them easy to use for people with disabilities.

One of the standout features of Artisans of Barossa's accessibility design is the zoned sound system. This system allows for different areas of the building to have different sound levels, which is particularly important for people with hearing impairments. It means that guests can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable experience without having to strain to hear or be overwhelmed by too much noise. Artisans of Barossa also has privtae rooms with furnishings that dimish sound, have seperate air conditioning and heating or provide privacy for business meetings, subdued gatherings or private celebrations.

Overall, the compliance with AS1428 at Artisans of Barossa means that all guests, regardless of their abilities, can enjoy the space and its offerings without any barriers or difficulties. It is a welcoming and inclusive environment that ensures everyone can have a memorable and enjoyable experience.