27 July - Fire to Fork: A Barossa Shiraz Experience

Join us on 27 July for Fire to Fork, a celebration of Barossa Shiraz that promises an unforgettable culinary adventure. This unique event pairs the bold, robust flavours of Barossa Shiraz with smoky, hearty dishes cooked over an open flame. Experience a symphony of tastes that reflect the true essence of the Barossa Valley, featuring a 5-course set menu expertly paired with our finest Shiraz wines.

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The Fire to Fork event is more than just a dinner; it's an immersive experience where wine and fire meet, creating a harmonious blend of flavours that highlight the versatility and depth of Barossa Shiraz. Our chefs and winemakers have crafted a menu that complements the rich, complex notes of the Shiraz, ensuring each bite and sip enhances the overall experience.Secure your spot for this remarkable event and celebrate Barossa Shiraz in the most delicious way possible.

We look forward to welcoming you to Artisans of Barossa for an evening of gourmet delight and exceptional wine.For more details and to reserve your spot, visit our website or contact us directly. Don't miss this chance to be part of an exceptional celebration of one of Barossa's most iconic varietals.

Here's the menu:


Bread, Wagyu Tallow butter, house Dukkha (GFO, DFO)


Grilled oyster with black garlic butter (GF)

Barossa Haloumi & Hobs of Barossa Ranges Tin Lid reductiom (GF)

Smoked mushroom XO tostada (GF,PB)

First course:

Beetroot humus with Fired Yogurt flatbread (DF)

Second course:

Murray Cod, fired leek & Gremolata (GF)

Third course:

Fire roasted winter salad GF, PB)

Fourth course: 

Mayura wagyu Brisket and a winter Pebre salsa (GF, DF)


Charred Shiraz poached pear and house churned ice cream                         (GF)


July 25, 26 & 27 - Celebrating International Shiraz Day at Artisans of Barossa

Artisan in the House three-peat!

In the lead-up to our highly anticipated Fire to Fork event, we are thrilled to celebrate International Shiraz Day at Artisans of Barossa from August 25-27, 2024. This special occasion offers an exclusive opportunity to indulge in Shiraz tastings featuring small-batch wines from some of Barossa's most acclaimed vineyards and winemakers.

International Shiraz Day Tasting Event

Over three days, guests are invited to our lounge from 10 am to 5 pm to explore the depth and complexity of Barossa Shiraz. Our expert winemakers will guide you through a curated selection of wines, showcasing the rich dark fruit flavours, intricate spice notes, and robust character that define Barossa Shiraz. This intimate setting provides a unique chance to connect with the artisans behind these exceptional wines and gain insight into their meticulous winemaking processes.

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Event Details:

- International Shiraz Day Tasting: August 25-27, 2024

- Fire to Fork: July 27, 2024

Book your experience now and join us in celebrating the richness of Barossa Shiraz!