Choosing the venue for business events and celebrations is half the battle towards an event to remember. There are plenty of Adelaide venues with a private area, a bar and catering in the city. So many, that browsing through them begins to feel a little stale. Why not venture out a little further to the South Australian gem that is the Barossa Valley?

We’d love to help you discover our function venues for Adelaide or Australian business at the Artisans of Barossa, where the melding of exceptional Barossa wine, delectable food, and impeccable, professional service becomes the backdrop for your unforgettable events.

Venue Overview

Artisans of Barossa is not just a venue; it’s an institution brought together by the combined passion of eight small-batch winemakers. From this coming together, experiences manifested from a love of the winemaking craft have built the establishment we have come to love today. We are a place where wine lovers come to explore their passion, share and grow their knowledge, and drink and eat in dreamy settings. Boasting full wheelchair accessibility and adept control over ambient elements like music and air-conditioning, every detail is oriented towards ensuring your guests are cocooned in comfort, allowing them to be fully immersed in the event.

Embarking on a journey to the globally acclaimed Barossa region provides an exquisite backdrop to your business events and also serves as a powerful tool for team bonding, cultural enrichment, and impressing potential business partners with a taste of world-class hospitality. Artisans of Barossa provides this exclusive destination where business and leisure coalesce, crafting events that echo with memorable moments and professional engagements.

The Green Room

Delight in the versatility of The Green Room, a space tailored for meetings, intimate gatherings, or a peaceful lunch away from the bustling crowds. Technology is at your fingertips with a 75” TV, adaptable to computers/laptops via HDMI or Apple Airplay, and a 4K-HD video conferencing unit, ensuring connectivity that brings your global team into the room or aids your speeches with the visuals to match.

With a capacity of 20 seated and 30 standing guests, this private, carpeted space, is shrouded if needed by a privacy curtain, providing the setting for exclusivity and cosy gatherings. 


An event in Essen is where world-class dishes meet unforgettable views. Especially suited for grandeur, the Essen restaurant opens its arms to large groups, presenting them with a visual feast of vineyards, the Barossa Ranges, and the rolling hills beyond. With seating for 90 guests or space for 100 standing, and options for long-table setups and full table service, this space whispers luxury and leisurely enjoyment amid fine dining and panoramic views.

The Artisans Room

Immerse your group in The Artisans Room, a sanctuary for private wine tastings, luncheons, or dinners against the stunning backdrop of the Barossa countryside. Accommodating 20 seated or 25 standing guests, this room not only offers an intimate setting but invites easy discussions and connections to live amid awe-inspiring views.

The various spaces within our venue are meticulously designed to cater to diverse needs, whether it be a confidential business meeting, a grand celebratory meal, or a serene private tasting session. We invite you to explore the opulence and professional service of Artisans of Barossa and encourage you to envisage your next business event within our walls.

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