Every Saturday this April, get curious and join an Artisan in the heart of the Barossa for an unmatched wine-tasting experience.

Each week, an Artisan joins us in our Wine Room. Reserve a spot in our Wine Room lounge for a Rarities tasting, where we showcase new releases, museum pieces, or large format wines. During your tasting, our Artisan will share insights about the traditions of small-batch winemaking in the Barossa and guide you through the essence of each wine.

This exclusive experience, emblematic of our collaborative essence, offers a rare chance to delve into discussions about the wine with those who craft them.

Space in the Wine Room is limited. Reservations are imperative.

13 April: Schwarz Wine Co

Join Jason as our Artisan in the House to receive a first hand introduction to his wines. The Schwarz family most definitely qualifies as ‘local’ in a Barossa sense. Five generations as residents, then two as grape growers, and now Jason Schwarz as a first-generation winemaker.

Convincing his father to part with a small parcel of Shiraz from their Nitschke Block Vineyard in the 2001 vintage, followed by Grenache from the Thiele Road Vineyard in 2002 Schwarz Wine Co. was up and running.

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20 April: Hobbs of Barossa Ranges

Greg and Allison Hobbs and their family moved to the Barossa in 1995, leaving the city behind for a new life amongst the vines. The vineyard that encircles their home high up in the Barossa ranges is one of the district’s oldest, and each year produces a tiny harvest of intensely flavoured grapes.

The Hobbs' connection to their vineyard and wine is like few others. They look over the vineyard every morning when they wake up, they pass through it every morning taking the dog for a walk. They work their land every day, and each evening enjoy a glass of wine from the fruit they’ve grown from the vines that surround them.

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27 April: Chaffey Bros. Wine Co.

Brothers-in-law Daniel Hartwig and Theo Engela feel no need to subscribe to the usual ways of doing things, which is reflected in the names and distinctive packaging of their wines. ⁠

Joined by Barossa lad and young-gun winemaker Huon Fechner, the Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. team approaches the task of making Barossa wine with balanced consideration for both the history and the new possibilities the Barossa wine landscape yields, as well as a deep-seated desire to produce balanced wines of exceptional ‘drinkability’. ⁠

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To be an ‘artisan’ is very much about setting your own path driven by a human desire to explore, experiment and to express ourselves. To create and share things shaped in our mind and made by our own hands for the enjoyment of others. Often proffered with a simple “I made this, please enjoy”. A tinge of pride yes, but hubris never.

 The Artisans of Barossa are John Duval Wines, Spinifex Wines, Sons of Eden, Lienert Vineyards, Schwarz Wine Co., Purple Hands Wines, Hobbs of Barossa Ranges and Chaffey Bros. Wine Co.

Eight small winemakers brought together by a shared commitment to protect and promote the art of small-batch Barossa winemaking.

Presenting over 100 Barossa wines on tasting in one place, along with Essen, our benchmark Barossa dining space, Artisans of Barossa is a not-to-be missed destination for any seeker of warm hospitality and Barossa wine and food.