Why small-batch?

In the embrace of the sun-kissed Barossa, where the ancient vines whisper tales of time, a revered craft is practised with unwavering devotion - small-batch winemaking. Let me share with you the essence of this tradition and the fervent desire of the Artisans of Barossa to safeguard its hallowed essence.

Small batch winemaking is a testament to the pursuit of excellence, a celebration of craftsmanship in its purest form. It is a practice that eschews mass production and embraces the intimate connection between the winemaker and the fruit of the land. In this almost sacred dance, small parcels of grapes, lovingly tended and hand-picked, are treated with the utmost care and attention. Each vineyard, each vintage, bears a unique story waiting to be unravelled through the alchemy of the winemaker’s touch.

Ianugural release:

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But why do the Artisans of Barossa hold this tradition close to their hearts, fiercely protecting it from the clamour of conformity? The answer lies in the very essence of small-batch winemaking. Creativity flourishes within the hallowed realm of small batches, unrestricted by the confines of commercial demands. The winemakers, these artisans of the wine, have the freedom to explore, experiment, and craft wines that bear their indelible mark. They harness the unique terroir of their vineyards, listening to the whispers of the soil, the dance of the sun, and the breath of the winds. Each carefully nurtured barrel creates a symphony of flavours and textures that transcend the ordinary, a liquid tapestry that speaks of passion, dedication, and reverence for the land.

Moreover, small-batch winemaking is a portal to authenticity, a window into the soul of the Barossa. Here, in these humble cellars, the winemaker’s vision takes flight, unfettered by the restraints of mass production.

Each bottle becomes a storytelling vessel, bearing the fingerprints of the land, the heritage, and the unwavering commitment to quality. These wines embody the Artisans’ steadfast belief that greatness lies not in quantity but in the meticulous pursuit of perfection.

In an era where uniformity seeks to cloak the unique, the Artisans of Barossa stand as guardians of tradition. They hold fast to the small batch winemaking heritage, honouring the legacy of those who came before and nurturing a future where individuality and artistry prevail. They understand that the wines that touch our souls that transport us to realms beyond are born from the union of passion, terroir, and the human spirit.

So, raise your glass, and savour the fruits of small-batch winemaking in this inaugural small-batch Chardonnay. In each sip, you taste the labour of love, the story of a place, and the devotion of the artisans who toil to bring forth wines of exceptional beauty. Let us honour and protect this tradition, for it is in the preservation of small-batch winemaking that we keep the flame of artistry alive, igniting our hearts with the magic that flows from vine to bottle.


Eden Valley:

In the heart of the Barossa wine region, nestled amidst the untamed beauty of South Australia, lies a land imbued with viticultural wonders - Eden Valley. Let me share with you the very essence that sets this place apart, particularly when it comes to the enchanting realm of white grape varieties.

First, cast your gaze upon the soaring heights of Eden Valley, a realm elevated beyond its neighboring Barossa Valley. Here, the cool embrace of the climate dances hand in hand with the lofty altitudes, bestowing upon the grapes an extraordinary gift - the luxury of time. With each sunrise and twilight, the grapes ripen at a leisurely pace, unveiling a symphony of flavors and aromas that transcend the ordinary.

Ah, Riesling, the crown jewel of Eden Valley's winemaking heritage. Here, amidst the cool temperatures, well-drained soils, and vineyards reaching for the sky, Riesling finds its truest expression. A dance of vibrant acidity, the zest of citrus fruits, the delicate caress of floral bouquets, and the whispers of age that gracefully befall these wines, transforming them into timeless elixirs.

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But let us not forget the other denizens of this ethereal realm. Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon - their vines, nurtured by the cool climate, weave a tapestry of crispness and elegance upon the land. A symphony of white grape varieties, where acidity reigns supreme, weaving together harmonies of refreshing flavors, tingling the senses with a subtle mineral touch that speaks of the very earth from which they spring.

Now, cast your eyes upon the ancient guardians, for Eden Valley is home to vineyards that have stood the test of time. Here, among the rolling hills, you shall find vines that have witnessed the passage of centuries, their roots intertwined with the very soul of this land. These venerable sentinels, with their low-yielding bounty, gift us grapes of exceptional depth and concentration, whispering tales of the generations that have come before.

And what of the soils that cradle these precious vines? A patchwork quilt of diversity unfolds beneath our feet. Sandy loam, shale, rocky granite - each soil type bestows its own mark upon the wines, a secret ingredient in the alchemical dance of flavors. Complexity, born from the marriage of vine and soil, emerges from each bottle, revealing the distinct expressions of Eden Valley's white grape varieties.

But it is not only nature's gifts that shape the wines of this hallowed land. No, for here, in Eden Valley, tradition weaves itself into the very fabric of winemaking. Within these vine-covered hills, family-owned and boutique wineries honor the craft, embracing the time-honored practices that elevate their wines to celestial heights. It is the tender touch, the unwavering dedication, and the mastery of the winemaker that infuses each bottle with a soulful brilliance, enhancing the quality and distinctiveness that define Eden Valley's white wines.

And so, the wines of Eden Valley stand before you, bearing the mark of their terroir, their vibrant acidity, their intricate complexity, and their timeless grace. They are the testament to a realm where nature's embrace and the hands of devoted winemakers intertwine, weaving a tapestry of liquid poetry that sings of the land, the heritage, and the very spirit of this remarkable place.


Wild & natural ferments:

In the mystical realm of winemaking, there exists a technique that weaves enchantment into every drop of Chardonnay. Picture this: wild yeast fermentation in French oak, a dance of nature's own microorganisms and the sacred vessel of oak barrels.

When we speak of wild yeast fermentation, we enter a realm where indigenous yeasts, those that naturally reside on the grape skins and in the winery's embrace, take center stage. Unlike their commercially cultivated counterparts, these untamed yeasts bring forth a chorus of flavors as diverse as the untamed wilderness itself.

With each strain of wild yeast, a unique character emerges, their metabolic prowess conjuring a symphony of flavor compounds during fermentation. The result? A tapestry of aromas, intricate and layered, painting a canvas that whispers of fruits, blossoms, and even delicate whispers of spice.

But tthe French oak barrels, they hold secrets of their own. Within their seasoned embrace, they impart their essence to the Chardonnay, adding their own distinct flavors to the grand orchestra. Notes of vanilla, toasted bread, and whispers of spice intertwine with the Chardonnay's natural fruit expressions, crafting a harmonious symphony that dances upon the palate.

Yet, there is more to this alchemy than meets the eye. Wild yeast fermentation in French oak wields its magic upon the very texture and mouthfeel of the wine. Time becomes a companion, as the indigenous yeasts, unhurried and deliberate, engage in an intimate dance with the wine. The result? A transformation of textures, a caress of richness, a velvety embrace that lingers and delights.

And let us not forget the subtle art of oxidation, bestowed upon the wine within the porous walls of the oak barrels. Here, gentle breaths of oxygen weave their spell, lending structure and complexity to the nectar within. It is in this mystical realm that compounds are born, unveiling depths and longevity that tantalize the senses.

The convergence of wild yeast fermentation and French oak maturation for Chardonnay is a transcendent journey for the senses. It unveils a world of heightened aromas, an exquisite tapestry of flavors, and a tactile symphony that unfolds with each sip. Embrace this enchantment and let the wonders of nature and oak transport you to a realm of unrivaled complexity and beauty.

Shop: Artisans of Barossa Small batch Eden Valley Chardonnay 2022

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