The Barossa Valley is renowned as one of Australia's top wine regions, offering a diverse array of exceptional wines. In today's digital age, shopping for wine online has become more convenient and accessible than ever. 

The Artisans of Barossa consist of eight small winemakers, namely Chaffey Bros. Wine Co., Hobbs of Barossa Ranges, John Duval Wines, Lienert Vineyards, Purple Hands Wines, Schwarz Wine Co., Spinifex Wines, and Sons of Eden.

These passionate winemakers have come together with a shared mission to preserve and showcase the craft of small-batch winemaking in the Barossa region. Artisans of Barossa is a not-to-be-missed destination for any seeker of warm hospitality and Barossa wine.

About Artisans of Barossa Online Wine Shop

Artisans of Barossa is dedicated to celebrating the region's finest wines and local produce. Their online wine shop features a wide selection of wines at competitive prices, and all presented on an easy-to-use website. Shopping for wine online offers numerous benefits, such as convenience, and access to rare and limited-edition wines that may not be available in traditional stores.

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You’ll also be delighted to know, Society, by Artisans of Barossa, is a pioneering wine club formed by the same eight dedicated Barossa winemakers, promoting small-batch winemaking. Embark on a personalised journey or choose curated packs to explore Barossa's finest wines.

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Discover the essence of Barossa with our exceptional winemakers:

Chaffey Bros: Brother-in-laws Daniel Hartwig and Theo Engela, along with young-gun winemaker Huon Fechner, form the innovative Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. team. With a deep-rooted desire to produce balanced wines of exceptional drinkability, they embrace experimentation and a low intervention approach, highlighting the inherent qualities of the Barossa region. 

Their distinctively packaged wines reflect the team's dedication to pushing boundaries while honouring Barossa's rich winemaking history.

Hobbs of Barossa Ranges: Greg and Allison Hobbs, along with their family, transformed their lives by moving to the Barossa in 1995, immersing themselves in the region's rich winemaking heritage. Their strong connection to their vineyard, which produces a small harvest of intensely flavoured grapes, is reflected in the magnificent, richly flavoured wines they craft. 

The Hobbs family takes great pride in the love and hard work that goes into making their limited yet exceptional wines.

John Duval Wines: John Duval, a renowned winemaker with four generations of South Australian vignerons in his lineage, launched his personal wine project in 2003 after 28 years at Penfolds. John Duval Wines aims to continue the family's wine legacy through elegant, structured wines crafted from exceptional old Barossa vineyards. 

The respected label welcomed a second generation when eldest son Tim joined the family business in 2016.

Lienert Vineyards: Fifth-generation Barossan brothers John and James Lienert have transformed their family farm on the western edge of the Barossa Valley into a viticultural wonderland, honouring their Prussian heritage and pioneering spirit. Committed to using only grapes grown in their vineyards, they craft wines with generous flavour and solid structure, thanks to the region's famed 'terra rossa' soils.

The siblings' symbiotic partnership focuses on a simple approach to growing grapes and making wine, resulting in truly enjoyable wines.

Purple Hands Wines: Winemaker Craig Stansborough and business partner Mark Slade, the Purple Hands team, share a passion for Barossa, hands-on winemaking, and a commitment to authenticity while exploring new varietals and non-traditional blends. James Halliday praised their elegant wines for being distinctly different from mainstream Barossa offerings. 

Their portfolio features classic Italian varieties such as Aglianico and Montepulciano, inspired by their love for Italian wine and interest in grape varieties suited to Barossa's warm and dry climate.

Schwarz Wine Co: The Schwarz family boasts a deep-rooted Barossa history, with Jason Schwarz as the first-generation winemaker in the family. Having started with small parcels of Shiraz and Grenache, Schwarz Wine Co. has grown through strong relationships with the region's finest grape-growers. 

Jason's delicate approach in the winery aims to guide the grapes from vineyard to glass while maintaining flavour purity and a strong sense of place.

Sons of Eden: Corey Ryan, an accomplished winemaker, and Simon Cowham, a highly respected Barossa viticulturist, join forces as the Sons of Eden, exemplifying the powerful synergy between their skills. Together, they've created a portfolio of exceptional Barossa wines that encompass the region's vast winemaking possibilities, ranging from crisp Rieslings to rich Shiraz.

They elevate each other’s expertise to craft world-class wines through their collaboration.

Spinifex Wines: Peter Schell and Magali Gely, proprietors of Spinifex Wines, bring their deep French connection and over two decades of Barossa Valley experience to their winemaking. Peter’s wines have long been seen as trailblazers, admired for crafting wines that capture the essence of Barossa’s heritage grape varieties and the region’s diverse landscape. 

Spinifex Wines has contributed significantly to the evolution of Barossa wine, shifting from a focus on big companies to embracing the craftsmanship of small producers.

What to Expect at Artisans of Barossa Online Wine Shop

At Artisans of Barossa's online wine shop, you can expect to find a diverse range of wines, including sparkling wines, light and bright whites, textural whites, rosés, emerging varietals, red blends and robust Barossa reds. The shop features an array of labels and wineries from the Barossa Valley, each showcasing their unique characteristics and flavour profiles. With options for both casual drinkers and connoisseurs, there's something for every palate and preference.

Society Club

At the Artisans of Barossa Online Wine Shop, Society club members can anticipate a wealth of exclusive benefits and unparalleled access to the world of fine wines. As a member, you'll be the first to know about our exclusive museum wine releases - rare, aged wines that remain unavailable to the general public, giving you the prime opportunity to add these exceptional bottles to your collection.

But the perks don't end there. As a Society member, your visit to the Barossa will be elevated to new heights with VIP privileges, allowing you to explore the region like a true wine connoisseur. Access exclusive events, tastings, and immersive experiences showcasing the best of Barossa's wine culture.

Here's a glimpse of the benefits you can enjoy as a Society member:

  • Indulge in a 15% discount storewide for online wine sales and Wine Room purchases (some limited volume items may be excluded).
  • Relish in a complimentary annual Rarities tasting for up to four people, valued at $200, and savour the exceptional flavours of our finest wines
  • Secure priority reservations at Essen, our contemporary and innovative restaurant that offers a seasonal interpretation of Barossa's culinary delights.
  • Embrace the world of Artisans of Barossa and discover the ultimate wine experience with a Society membership that unlocks access to an exquisite collection of wines, events, and privileges.

Ordering and Delivery from Artisans of Barossa Online Wine Shop

To order wine from Artisans of Barossa's online wine shop, simply visit our website. The shop offers convenient shipping options within Australia, ensuring your wines are delivered straight to your door. You’ll also get free shipping within Australia on orders over $200.

Artisans of Barossa's online wine shop is committed to showcasing the best of Barossa Valley's wines, providing a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore and purchase the finest wines this iconic region has to offer. 

Visit Artisans of Barossa's online wine shop today and experience the quality and convenience of shopping for wine online.