As one of the world’s most loved wine regions, complemented by jaw-dropping scenery, a  Barossa Valley tour packs a punch for your eyes, taste buds, stomach and soul. And Adelaide residents get to experience it all in just under an hour's drive. You don’t need to be a wine enthusiast to have the perfect day trip, either. With fantastic restaurants and vibrant markets, the Barossa Valley is special for its historic towns, lush landscapes, and a hub of culture, too.

So, whether you’re a local regular or a curious tourist, check out our recommendations below for the perfect Saturday Barossa Valley tour.

Why a Saturday Day Trip is Perfect

The Barossa Valley's close, blink-and-you’re-there proximity to Adelaide means that you don't need a week-long vacation to devour its offerings. In just a one-day Barossa Valley tour, you can immerse yourself in the region's delights without feeling rushed, especially when you pick a Saturday – the one day a week when the area comes alive in activities, events, fresh markets and long lunches.

A Morning of Musings and Markets

Departure from Adelaide:

Kick off your day early, aiming to leave Adelaide by 8am. The drive is not only quick and stressless but also scenic, dotted with vignettes of South Australia's countryside and vineyards. If you’re feeling particularly unrushed en route, consider stopping at the Whispering Wall, a dam with a fascinating acoustic phenomenon known to whisper sounds and words to people.

As you reach the Barossa Valley, head straight to the Barossa Farmers Market, held every Saturday. Let your senses guide you through the artisan market and pick up some goodies to take home. It's got everything from delicious oils, dumplings, cakes and local vegetables, fruit, meats and breads. Check out the café and get stuck into a fresh coffee and pastry to power you into mid-morning.

Mid-Morning Wine Time

We all know Barossa is renowned for its world-class wines, so it’s time to get stuck in. While there are countless wines to taste, Artisans of Barossa’s collection of small-batch winemakers offer a quintessential taste of what this region is all about – passionate, skilled locals sharing what they’ve made. The Artisans of Barossa are John Duval Wines, Spinifex Wines, Sons of Eden, Lienert Vineyards, Schwarz Wine Co., Purple Hands Wines, Hobbs of Barossa Ranges and Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. Even if you're not a wine connoisseur, the beauty and legacy of wines in this region are captivating.

A Visit to Artisans of Barossa:

By mid-morning, head to the Artisans of Barossa. The Wine Room offers a curated tasting experience that introduces you to boutique labels. Here, you understand the harmonious collaboration of eight artisan wine producers and you can try them all. When you find a favourite, you can grab some to take home and bring the Barossa to your living room. Occasionally, Artisans of Barossa hosts special events and wine-tasting experiences – always a treat for visitors.

Not all Barossa experiences are equal. If you happen to come through the Valley on a Saturday, our Artisan In The House programme is a must–do. Each week, one of our eight Artisans joins us in our Wine Room lounge for a Rarities tasting. This exclusive experience, emblematic of our collaborative essence, offers a rare chance to delve into discussions about the wine with those who craft them. Reserve your spot to experience new release pours, museum wines that show their ageability, and exciting things rarely seen outside of their own wineries. It’s winemaker access like nowhere else in the Barossa.

A Local Lunch

By now, your appetite will be whet for more than just wine. After your wine tasting and tour at the Artisans of Barossa Wine Room, head over to our beautiful restaurant, Essen. Here you can enjoy a sumptuous meal and then relax on our renowned terrace with a cheese board, gazing out at the rows of vineyards perfectly curving over the rolling green hills. Essen prides itself on local produce and unique dishes with menus often accompanied by wine pairing options to take your culinary journey to the level the Valley deserves.

Artistic and Artisanal Afternoon

Exploring the Region Further:

After a delicious lunch, ask the team to box up your favourite wines to take home and restock the wine fridge, or stock up to take care of birthday gifts with lovable wines bought at the source.

For the next part of your day, take your pick from several options to explore the region further. For art lovers, the region hosts some spectacular art galleries. We recommend heading to the Corroboree Dream Art Tanunda if you have an interest in Indigenous art and the Barossa Regional Gallery where you’ll find three rooms showcasing both professional and local art.

If that’s not your thing, try the Barossa Valley Cheese Company, it is a must-visit for cheese aficionados. Pick up some delicacies to spruce up your dinner parties, or they also make for the perfect gift.

After this, it’s time to get intimate with the region's stunning scenery. Drive to the Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park, which is a gorgeous park full of wildflowers and native flora and fauna. If you’re feeling up for it, take yourself for a short walk in the park and soak up the smells and sights of some of Australia’s best scenery.

A Fabulous Farewell

Sunset Views:

As the day wanes, the Barossa's landscapes come alive in golden shades. It’s time to head back to Adelaide soon, but not before a destination that displays it all, Mengler's Hill Lookout. Here, you’ll be placed in the pinnacle of the valley, making it a perfect selfie spot for a sunset as you say goodbye to a day to remember.

Heading Back to Adelaide

Visit Wonderground Art Gallery:

On your way back, you may be tired, but if you can muster up the energy for a brief detour to the Wonderground Art Gallery, it’ll be well worth it. This vibrant space showcases local artists in a striking location against the Aussie natural backdrop, ending your journey with a final dash of culture.

Return Journey:

On your way back to Adelaide you've got a couple of driving route options. You can take the leisurely route by getting onto the North East Road and meandering through Tea Tree Gully to Adelaide Airport, soaking up more of the scenery and avoiding the highways. This route takes around an hour and a half.

Or if you want the most direct route, take the Northern Connector, which takes around an hour to get back to Adelaide. If you’ve indulged in wine tasting, ensure you have a designated non-drinking driver or consider local taxi services to return safely.

A day in the Barossa Valley offers a selection of memorable experiences, from the excellent wines to the charm of local markets. And as just a short drive from Adelaide, it's a world waiting to be explored on the next spare Saturday in your schedule.