Lienert Vineyards Tierra del Puerco Catalisa Rosé 2022


This stuff tastes great. Estupendo! Such is the joy of a glass of chilled Rosé (or four) in the springtime. Made from early picked Grenache grown by my brother John who I respect knows what he’s doing in the vineyard. In return, he just occasionally provides me what he deems invaluable winemaking advice. Vivacious and fresh, with a touch of wood time through fermentation for texture and mouthfeel. Strawberries and raspberries jump out of the glass and race up my hooter where they are welcomed like homecoming heroes. Juicy fresh red berry fruits and sprightly fresh acids cascade across my tongue and down my gullet at great velocity. I smack my lips and say to myself….‘Reality sucks, I’m not going to work tomorrow. It’s bloody lovely and sunny out there. Perfect Rosé weather to boot. Although not so perfect for my pale white skin which has begun to take on a pinkish hue somewhat akin to the Rosé I’m drinking!” - James Lienert, winemaker

Vintage: 2022

Grape Variety: Grenache

Region: Shea-Oak Log, Barossa Valley