Embark on a vinous journey this October with Artisans of Barossa as the gates of Eden Valley open, welcoming all to a regal celebration of Riesling, the distinguished white varietal of the Barossa region. 
Artisans of Barossa, an ensemble of small-batch wine producers in the Barossa, warmly invite wine lovers from all walks of life to indulge in a spectacular showcase of the region’s epitome of elegance and refinement – Eden Valley Riesling. The occasion promises unique experiences, illuminating this noble grape’s diverse personalities, which cannot be found elsewhere.

Evolution of Freya Riesling

This tasting flight has been put together with Sons of Eden, showcasing their Freya Riesling from 4 different vintages. Starting in 2005, the first vintage now is 18 years old, through to the bright new 2023 vintage. Together with these, we have handpicked the 2013 and 2016 to see how Riesling can develop from the Eden Valley. 

For those who seek to understand the aged elegance that Riesling can create, the ‘Evolution of Freya Riesling’ flight unveils the graceful journey of Freya across vintages from 2023 to 2005 in 4x 45ml samples. Witness the seamless transition of flavours, the revelation of hidden depths, and the intricate dance of mature nuances as Freya ages gracefully through the years.

Spring into Riesling

Created with three of our Eden Valley Riesling producers to showcase their new release Riesling styles. With 4 x 45 mls samples of each Riesling, put together on a tasting paddle so you can enjoy the beautiful spring weather that October brings. 

Showcasing beautifully is:

~ Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. Funkelpunkt* Sparkling Riesling Kerner 2022

~ Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. Tripelpunkt* Riesling 2023

~ Sons of Eden Freya Riesling 2023

~ Spinifex Eden Valley Riesling 2022