The age-ability of Barossan wines stands as a tribute to the exceptional winemaking prowess found within this remarkable region.

Steeped in a viticultural heritage of profound significance, these wines possess a capacity to gracefully evolve over time, captivating the senses with their compelling transformation. The Barossa’s unique amalgamation of ancient vines, extraordinary terroir, and the deft touch of skilled winemakers coalesce harmoniously, resulting in wines that showcase remarkable depth and complexity as they mature. From the robust allure of Shiraz to complex and delicate Riesling, these wines offer an enchanting voyage through a tapestry of flavours and textures, weaving an intricate narrative that unveils itself gradually.

What sets large-format wine bottles apart is their ability to enhance and prolong the aging potential of these Barossan gems. The larger volume-to-wine ratio inherent in these vessels facilitates a leisurely and measured development of flavours and aromas. This unhurried maturation process engenders a heightened intricacy, bringing forth a symphony of elements in exquisite harmony, elevating the wine-drinking experience to unprecedented levels of sophistication and refinement.

Moreover, the resolute build of these bottles, with their sturdier glass, serves as a steadfast shield, safeguarding the wine within from the capricious whims of light and temperature fluctuations. This impeccable fortification ensures that the wine can more likely remain pristine and undisturbed, allowing it to evolve gracefully and express its fullest potential over the passage of time.

Large-format bottles stand revered in the realm of wine collecting, coveted by those who appreciate a finer aspect of vinous indulgence. Their scarcity, intertwined with an innate sense of prestige and splendour, renders them objects of desire for the discerning wine enthusiast. Owning a collection adorned with an array of these magnificent vessels showcases one’s refined taste and imparts an air of grandeur to any cellar, transforming it into a sanctuary of vinous opulence.

Embracing the extraordinary provenance of these wines, Artisans of Barossa provides a destination for those seeking to acquire large-format bottles. Here, you can discover magnums, jeroboams and even larger sizes straight from the winemakers’ cellars, guaranteeing an unparalleled authenticity and connection to the land.

Whether adding to your personal collection or bestowing a truly exceptional gift for a momentous occasion, Artisans of Barossa is the conduit to procure these remarkable large formats, each imbued with the legacy of Barossan winemaking excellence.

Below is our current large format wine list, available for collection, or contact us directly for delivery. Price on application.

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Know your names: large format


1.5L, or the equivalent to 2 bottles of wine. 

Double Magnum:

3L, or the equivalent to 4 bottles of wine. 


4.5L, or the equivalent to 6 bottles of wine.


6L, or the equivalent to 8 bottles of wine.


9L, or the equivalent to 12 bottles of wine.


12L, or the equivalent to 16 bottles of wine.

15L, or the equivalent to 20 bottles of wine.

Discover the Graceful Evolution of Barossan Wines: Embrace the Extraordinary Age-ability of Large Format Bottles"