The Barossa Valley is synonymous with fine wines that capture the essence of a region privileged with rich soil and a unique climate. You could stop into your local bottle shop or wine bar tonight to find a lovely Barossa wine peppered in amongst the selections. That’s the thing, with the reputation of the region, it’s easy to feel like you already know Barossa wines. 

The Society Club is the subscription wine club that brings the Barossa to your door. Barossa has a vast, eclectic and delicious mixture of small-batch and larger-produced wines. And it takes a deeper dive to develop a true understanding of what this region has to offer.

Your Society, Your Choice

We would like to introduce you to our Society Club, where you can enjoy some of the region's finest delivered to your door. We developed The Society Club so people can become more intimate with the Barossa Valley over time.

The Society Club is a world-first wine club formed by eight small winemakers who are committed to protecting and promoting the art of small-batch Barossa winemaking. It brings together a broad yet selective range of Barossa wines, and delivers door-to-door access to these bottles to people across Australia.

As a unique subscription wine platform, Society invites you to curate your personal wine odyssey through the heart of Barossa's viticulture. The choice is in your hands. And the choice is abundant, with over 100 handcrafted wines that showcase the region's versatility - from the effervescent charm of light whites and rosés to the deep structures of the celebrated Barossa Shiraz.

For many of our customers, it isn't just about the wine selection, or the convenience. It's also about the access. Enjoy early access to museum wine releases, those rare gems aged to perfection and typically veiled from public view. As a Society member, you're granted the first glimpse and the opportunity to expand your cellar with these exclusive vintages at a 15% discount.

With The Society Club, your wine journey is fully customisable. Opt for a 3, 6, 12, or lavish 24-bottle plan that aligns with your lifestyle and let your palate be the compass. Whether it's the monthly anticipation of new tastes, the quarterly top-up, or the biannual delight of familiar vintages, the frequency of your exploration is yours to dictate.

Vital Varieties

We’ve known many wine drinkers during the fruits of our passion. While many claim to have a favourite variety, we’ve come to view preferences as a spectrum where placements change depending on mood, season and events.

Diversity is a feature of Society, because there are special wines in all varieties. With more than 120 wines spanning over 20 grape varieties, the potential combinations for your pack are staggering—59,880 different 3-bottle packs to be precise. Each variety is a tribute to the Barossa's winemaking excellence, from the refreshing rosés to the avant-garde blends that appeal to the explorer within.

The Perks of Being a Society Member

As a Society member, you are welcome to enjoy exclusive access to our museum wine releases—meticulously aged vintages ready to grace your cellar or table. These wines are not only a nod to the Barossa’s vinous excellence but also a testament to the patience and skill of our winemakers. While certain limited-edition selections are exempt, the breadth of our collection ensures your cellar will never lack variety or quality.

What’s more, once annually, up to four guests can revel in a complimentary Rarities tasting—a curated expedition through some of our rarest wines, valued at $200. Take this as an opportunity to share the pinnacle of our craft with those closest to you.

And then there’s Essen—our culinary heart where the essence of Barossa is captured in innovative seasonal dishes. Members are given priority reservations at Essen, where the philosophy of 'to eat' is celebrated with gusto. Pair your wine selection with a two or three-course menu that embodies the freshness and vitality of spring.

The Artisans of Barossa

The Artisans of Barossa is a winemaking collective and physical space committed to upholding and evolving the winemaking traditions of the region. Our artisans, representing some of the best of the Barossa, invite you to a sensory odyssey that starts in the sun-drenched vineyards and culminates in the sanctuary of their cellars. Their commitment is not only to produce wines to write home about but to give voice to the land itself.

Society Club is for those who want a more intimate passage into the Barossa's winemaking culture. It's an opportunity to indulge in the region's finest offerings and to be part of a community that values the artistry behind each bottle. Start your Society journey today and bring the legacy of Barossa into your home.