Renowned South Australian Chef Kane Boase Joins Artisans of Barossa, Elevating the Culinary Experience in the Heart of the Barossa Region

Artisans of Barossa, a celebrated name in modern Barossa food and wine experiences, proudly announce the addition of Chef Kane Boase to its award-winning team.

Chef Boase's arrival marks an exciting new chapter in the journey of Artisans of Barossa, with a renewed commitment to enhancing the wine experience through a menu that celebrates complementary and analogous flavours. Food lovers and wine enthusiasts will rejoice at the intersection of these two deeply personal projects, Chef Kane's food and the Artisans of Barossa's small-batch wines.

Artisans of Barossa have long been synonymous with an innovative approach to seasonal Barossa cuisine. Nestled in the heart of the Barossa Valley, this unique establishment offers an all-encompassing experience. Whether you're savouring the rich flavours of the region in the contemporary and innovative restaurant, Essen, or enjoying relaxed all-day dining at Delikatessen, Artisans of Barossa brings the very essence of the Barossa to your table. In addition to its culinary offerings, the establishment proudly supports the local community by showcasing over 50 locally-made products in its Providore, thoughtfully crafted by Barossan farmers and artisans.

What truly distinguishes Artisans of Barossa is its unwavering commitment to small-batch Barossa winemaking. When you select a bottle of wine from Artisans of Barossa, you're not just savouring a superb wine but also contributing to the local community. The establishment unites eight small winemakers, bound by their shared dedication to preserving and promoting the art of small-batch Barossa winemaking.

Chef Kane Boase's addition to the Artisans of Barossa team promises an exciting evolution in the culinary offerings at this renowned establishment. His culinary expertise and commitment to crafting dishes that harmonize seamlessly with the region's exceptional wines will undoubtedly captivate the discerning palates of visitors and locals alike.

"As we welcome Chef Kane Boase to our team, we're thrilled to embark on a journey of flavour exploration that will seamlessly weave the artistry of food and wine in Essen. Chef Kane's culinary prowess promises to also deliver a Delikatessen menu that will excite locals and wine lovers and beckon those on a mission to connect with the region, offering them a delightful escape with a quick bite and a glass of wine. Together, we aspire to deliver innovative wine and food experiences in the heart of the Barossa," says Fraser Mackenzie, DipWSET, Group General Manager.

Artisans of Barossa invites you to embark on a unique gastronomic journey that celebrates the heart and soul of the Barossa region. With a dedicated commitment to supporting local producers, an extensive array of wines, and a talented culinary team led by Chef Kane Boase, this destination promises an unforgettable experience for all who seek to explore the flavours of the Barossa.

Artisans of Barossa proudly represents John Duval Wines, Spinifex Wines, Sons of Eden, Lienert Vineyards, Schwarz Wine Co., Purple Hands Wines, Hobbs of Barossa Ranges, and Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. These eight small winemakers are united by a shared commitment to protect and promote the art of small-batch Barossa winemaking.

Chef Kane is reluctant in front of the camera, preferring instead that you visit and enjoy his new menu. Reservations are essential, Reserve Your Seat Here  🔗

About Artisans of Barossa:
Artisans of Barossa is a dynamic establishment situated in the heart of the Barossa Valley, known for its innovative approach to seasonal Barossa cuisine and a diverse selection of wines from small-batch Barossa winemakers. The establishment is dedicated to supporting the local community and sharing the stories and history of the Barossan wine community. Alongside its wine room, deliver seated wine experiences to those discovering the art of small-batch winemaking, Artisans of Barossa's dining and food offerings encompass Essen, a contemporary and innovative restaurant, Delikatessen for relaxed all-day dining, and Providore, offering locally made products. Chef Kane Boase's addition brings an exciting culinary dimension to this celebrated destination.
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