Every Saturday this November, join an Artisan in the heart of the Barossa for an unmatched wine-tasting experience.

Each week, an Artisan joins us in our Wine Room. Reserve a spot in our Wine Room lounge for a Rarities tasting, where we showcase new releases, museum pieces, or large format wines. During your tasting, our Artisan will share insights about the traditions of small-batch winemaking in the Barossa and guide you through the essence of each wine.

This exclusive experience, emblematic of our collaborative essence, offers a rare chance to delve into discussions about the wine with those who craft them.

Space in the Wine Room is limited. Reservations are imperative.

Book your Rarities Tasting via the link: "Rarities reservations" 🔗

4 November: John Duval Wines

Join John & Tim to catch up on what happened at the recent Wine Spectator New York Wine Experience, and taste in the inaugural release of John Duval Wines 'Compono' Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

Compono ~ to compose, put together. Eden Valley, supported by a smaller inclusion from the Moppa district.

"Aromas of cassis, blackcurrant leaf, cigar box and cedar. Layered blackcurrant, bramble and plum with cedar and cigar box playing supporting rolls. Finishes with fine but firm tannins." John & Tim Duval.

11 November: Sons of Eden

Winemaker and co-proprietor Corey Ryan joins us to open the exquisite 2017 'Selene' Tempranillo, available exclusively through Artisans of Barossa. Made from an estate vineyard on the winery property from vines planted 18 years ago - the oldest planting of Tempranillo in the Barossa. This wine was built to last, with extended skin contact pre and post-fermentation with daily hand plunging. As a comparison, we will also open the Valenciso Rioja Reserva 2016, which was crafted with the same intent, to live long and show the aging potential of pure Tempranillo. We feel Valencisiso shares many of the attributes that Artisans of Barossa celebrates, and they have risen to become a leading light among Rioja’s small group of terroir-focused producers.

18 November: Purple Hands

Craig Stansborough, winemaker and co-proprietor, will be on hand to share a number of examples of carefully aged wines from the Purple Hands and After Five Wine Co. An amazing opportunity to understand the potential of ageing, and how that can define the fine wine experience.

25 November: Lienert Vineyards

Behind the label. The labels of the Lienert Estate wines are a constant source of comment and questions. James Lienert joins us to give us the stories behind these labels, and why his labels contain no words!


To be an ‘artisan’ is very much about setting your own path driven by a human desire to explore, experiment and to express ourselves. To create and share things shaped in our mind and made by our own hands for the enjoyment of others. Often proffered with a simple “I made this, please enjoy”. A tinge of pride yes, but hubris never.

 The Artisans of Barossa are John Duval Wines, Spinifex Wines, Sons of Eden, Lienert Vineyards, Schwarz Wine Co., Purple Hands Wines, Hobbs of Barossa Ranges and Chaffey Bros. Wine Co.

Eight small winemakers brought together by a shared commitment to protect and promote the art of small-batch Barossa winemaking.

Presenting over 100 Barossa wines on tasting in one place, along with Essen, our benchmark Barossa dining space, Artisans of Barossa is a not-to-be missed destination for any seeker of warm hospitality and Barossa wine and food.