Champagne Bruno Paillard D:Z


A remarkable expression of purity and balance. This cuvée stands out for its significant portion of reserve wine (50%) and the bold decision to eschew the addition of any dosage, allowing the terroir's true character to shine through, offering a crisp, unadulterated tasting experience that captures the essence of Champagne's unique landscape. Three to four years in bottle sur lies, followed by six months after disgorgement.

With a family lineage in Champagne back to the 1700s, Bruno Paillard founded his house in 1981 at the young age of 27 and by 1988, Hugh Johnson had already defined the house as “A small but prestigious young champagne house with excellent silky vintages and non vintage!”. 

In 1983, Paillard became the first champagne producer to display the disgorgement date on every single bottle. In 1994, he bought his first vineyard: three grand Cru hectares in Oger in the Côte des Blancs, marking the beginning of the patient creation of a remarkable vineyard that today covers 25 hectares, 12 of which are Grand Cru, providing more than half of the Maison’s needs. The remainder are still purchased from the same independent growers from more than 30 different villages, who have been Paillard’s partners for many years now.

Bruno Paillard has been known for innovation and a commitment to expressing the natural qualities of its vineyards, so the introduction of a "Dosage Zéro" cuvée in 2018 naturally aligned with the house's philosophy.