Sons of Eden Freya Museum Release Riesling 2005


Freya; the foremost goddess of ancient Germanic lands where the Riesling grape originated. This dual vineyard wine honours early German settlers who cultivated the Riesling vine in the exemplary micro-climate of South Australia’s Eden Valley.

This was the first release of Freya, and we are proud to be the exclusive retailer of this wine. It is an exceptional example of aged Eden Valley Riesling.

Eden Valley (central valley near Eden Valley township) has 40- and 50-year-old vines. The vintage was a stand out due to the extended ‘Indian summer’, which saw near-perfect warm, dry, sunny ripening conditions from February through to the end of May. Great colour and flavour were achieved among all red varieties, and great flavour and natural acidity were achieved with most white varieties, particularly Riesling in Eden Valley.

Displaying hallmark Eden Valley lime and citrus blossom aromas. A crisp, dry and steely styled Riesling with freshness and minerality. With bottle age, it has developed classical lemon butter and pastry characters exhibiting the quality of the viticulture and winemaking that has crafted such a long-living wine.

Vintage: 2005

Variety: Riesling

Region: Eden Valley