Join Artisans of Barossa for the SALA Festival 2023 Exhibition featuring the captivating works of local artist, Nicole Eliza, in her first solo exhibition titled "Reconnection".

About Nicole: Nicole is an abstract artist who paints intuitively, drawing from her formal university studies in design where she gained a sound understanding of colour, balance and form.⁠

As an abstract artist, Nicole paints with intuition, skilfully applying her knowledge of colour, balance, and form gained through formal university studies. Nature and emotion serve as the main inspirations for Nicole's artworks, resulting in a delightful juxtaposition of delicate and bold elements. Her pieces come to life with authentic layers, while playful lines infuse a sense of joy into each creation.

Her artworks range from as small at 23cm (w) x 23cm (h) to as big as 174.5cm (w) x 151cm (h) as pictured. 

Whether you are dining in Essen or enjoying a wine tasting, embrace the beauty of Nicole Eliza's art and immerse yourself in the spirit of the SALA Festival. As an inclusive platform, SALA welcomes artists of all levels and mediums across South Australia, fostering an environment encouraging artistic growth and appreciation.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the magic of "Reconnection" and celebrate South Australian visual arts richness at Artisans of Barossa during the SALA Festival 2023. Engage with the vibrant world of abstract art, find inspiration in the harmony of nature and emotion, and support the local art community in this remarkable showcase of creativity.

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