The Artisans of the Barossa is a community of eight unique wine brands, formed to showcase their commitment to small-batch Barossa winemaking. Our alignment of these eight winemakers means you can taste over 100 Barossa wines under one roof – an opportunity often unavailable to small wine producers.

Each of our Artisan winemakers offer something different, and we are proud to showcase their craft.


The Story of Schwarz Wine Co.

The Schwarz family qualifies as ‘local’ in a Barossa sense. Five generations as residents, then two as grape growers, and now Jason Schwarz as a first-generation winemaker.

Six generations of vineyard maintenance, care and growing have left a lasting legacy, and these venerable vineyards remain the backbone of the winery. However, these days, the vineyard keeps some fruits of their labour for their drop, producing small-batch wines curated from an intuitive approach.

The creation of unexpected and lighter-style wines is interesting, managing to tell a story through the glass of the Barossa, its seasons and soils. A delicate hand and a simple aim, with a history of understanding, encourage wines with as much flavour purity and sense of place as possible.


Artisans of Barossa_Schwarz Wine Co.

“Our aim is simple; to create a portfolio of vibrant hand-crafted wines from Barossa Valley old vines where the finished products represent the vineyard and the vintage they came from”, Jason Schwarz, Winemaker.
Artisans of Barossa_Schwarz Wine Co.

Recognising the potential for grenache and amid scepticism, this family was one of the few growers to keep their grenache vines in the 1980s vine pull scheme. Their intuition and vision later focussed their drive, and Schwarz Wine Co. was one of the first Barossa wineries to release a single vineyard grenache in 2002.


Reasons to love Schwarz Wine Co.

Schwarz Wines aren’t restrained by traditional winemaking rules, but are intuitively balanced and blended. These wines are made for sharing and enjoying, with plenty of enthusiasm.


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