Artisans of Barossa Wine Tasting Experiences

Take a deeper dive on your journey in Barossa wine through one of our wine tasting experiences. Hosted in our private tasting room, relax and enjoy views across the vineyards to the Barossa ranges whilst we guide you through a tasting of wines that explore the Barossa’s heritage, geography and expansive range of winemaking expression.

Discover Barossa: Tasting & Lunch Experience

Immerse yourself in the exquisite flavours and breathtaking vistas ofthe renowned Barossa Valley at Artisans of Barossa.

Seated in the modern Wine Room, the friendly team will guide you through a six-wine tasting. Each glass showcases the essence of small-batch winemaking, accompanied by captivating stories of the region’s world-class wines and their creators.

After the tasting, savour a delectable three-course lunch, a contemporary celebration of Barossa farmers and growers. Indulge in a glass of wine, chosen by you from your wine tasting. The attentive Essen team will ensure a flawless experience throughout your meal.

After lunch, unwind and admire the beauty of the Barossa Valley in the inviting Delikatessen or on the manicured lawn. The panoramic views will leave you in awe, reflecting on the exceptional wines and delectable dishes you’ve enjoyed.

Upon leaving, you will receive one bottle of Artisans of Barossa Blanc de Blanc per couple. The accessible, modern building is conveniently located in the heart of the Barossa Valley.

This captivating experience lasts approximately two hours, offering the perfect opportunity to indulge in the finest wines and culinary delights.

Grenache Project Masterclass

Exclusive to Artisans, “The Grenache Project” comprises six wines, made by six different winemakers from the same Barossa Grenache vineyard. This tasting explores the influence of a human mind and the art and skill of small batch Barossa winemaking on the character and flavour of one of Barossa’s classic grape varieties. The vineyard moves every year with the inaugural Project from vintage 2017.

Masterclass experience: twice a day groups of 4-16 people will be privately hosted in our Artisans Room to deep dive into the Grenache Project wines. Overlooking the Barossa landscapes, you will know the ins and outs of Barossa Grenache after this tasting experience. 

The Still Co: Gin or Spirit Flights

Are you ready to try something new and exciting? Look no further than the Barossa Valley and Artisans of Barossa for an unforgettable Gin tasting experience.

The gin flights showcase the gins and spirits of our neighbour, The Still Co.. The Still Co. is passionate about sourcing sustainable botanicals locally and globally and crafting the purest gins with light and balanced aromatics and flavours. Distilled at their home base in the Vine Vale, they are the perfect partner for Artisans of Barossa.

The flights feature a range of gins and spirits, including The Still Co. Barossa Shiraz Gin, Blue Flower Gin, Hemp Gin, London Dry Gin and more. Each flight provides a unique tasting experience, allowing visitors to explore different flavours and products. Each flight offers three spirits, priced at $25, and served with garnishes and Strange Love Tonic or Soda Water.

The self-guided gin flights at Artisans of Barossa are a unique and exciting experience for gin enthusiasts and curious spirits drinkers.