Spring into Riesling this October and celebrate one of our favourite varieties, Eden Valley Riesling. 

Eden Valley Producers are opening their doors and inviting you to celebrate Riesling with a month-long showcase of the most graceful and elegant Queen of Barossa varieties.

Throughout October, we're celebrating everything Riesling! Old favourites and discover something new with experiences, tastings and exclusive offers, as we herald the arrival of Spring throughout our region. 


The Revelations of Riesling


Time & Date: Starting at 11:30am and an estimated finish time of 4:00pm, Sunday 23rd October 2022

Price: $150.00 per person

Join us at Artisans of Barossa as we take you down the rabbit hole into a world of small batch winemaking, exploring the influence of vineyard, vintage, and winemaking on the flavour and character of one of the grand statements in Australian wine, Eden Valley Riesling.

The elevated grounds and stony soil profiles provide ideal growing conditions for Riesling, resulting in delicate, floral perfumes and fresh, citrus flavours as young wines, whilst aged examples offer complex and alluring characteristics of petrichor and sea spray. Riesling is undoubtedly an enjoyable young and vibrant white wine and equally as an aged example, with longevity able to challenge shiraz and cabernet.

Join Corey Ryan (Sons of Eden), Pete Schell (Spinifex) & Daniel Hartwig (Chaffey Bros. Wine Co.) in celebrating Riesling by experiencing a guided tasting of current and museum wines, followed by a shared four-course lunch at Essen with Riesling pairings. This experience includes wines rarely opened in our Wine Room. 




Nothing but Riesling!


Time & Date: October 2022

Price: $20.00 per person


Spring into Riesling this October and celebrate one of our favourite varieties, Eden Valley Riesling. Enjoy a tasting of six highly diverse rieslings from three of our winemakers’ range, Sons of Eden, Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. and Spinifex.

Available for the entire month of October!