Allison and Greg Hobbs have an exceptional connection to their vineyards. Twenty years of vineyard revival, nurturement and now successful growing of outstanding grapes, it would not surprise us if they could detail each individual vine on their beautiful property.

Over the years of being custodians of these vineyards in the Barossa Ranges, they’ve sought to understand the history of their property where the oldest vines date back to 1905. It’s here we see the inspiration for their stunning new ‘Behr Creek’ label.
Behr Creek trickles through the Barossa Ranges and is named in recognition of esteemed German Botanist, Hans Herman Behr. Admired by peers for his extensive work collecting and cataloguing insect and botanical samples throughout the Barossa Ranges (and South Australia), Hans’ work remains respected by locals for the sustainable foundation set. Unknowingly appreciated by wine enthusiasts, we can officially honour his efforts and the integral part he played in the history of the Barossa Ranges; the first Behr Creek Wine is now ready for your enjoyment.


Artisans of Barossa Hobbs of Barossa Ranges Behr Creek Shiraz Viognier New Release

2020 Hobbs Behr Creek Shiraz Viognier ($56)
“Dark crimson, there is coiled power here. Good concentration and perhaps a touch of oak, but it is extremely well integrated, such that it is effectively invisible. A lovely, finely focused, and yet full of flavour style of Barossa Shiraz … Chocolate, bay leaves, coffee grinds, dark berries, cherries, and plums.”