Daily news around the Barossa is that this vintage is at least three weeks behind, with the first signs of veraison in Vine Vale appearing on social media this week. 

Veraison is when the grapes change from little green, hard berries to softer, riper and coloured from almost translucent, light green through to reds and purple, sometimes almost blue. The trained eye can see that the vine is less vigorous and leaf growth has slowed. The canopy has drooped as the vine’s focus switches to ripening fruit.

Why does this matter? We were expecting to put our ‘Artisan in the House’ programme on a vintage hiatus; instead, we have winemakers looking for things to do! Here’s the plan for February:


4 February

Join Greg and Allison Hobbs with wines from the top of the Barossa Ranges, overlooking Flaxmans Valley. Dry-grown on coarse, yellow, podzolic soil, it lies atop clay subsoil mixed with decomposing rock. Wet, chilly winters and warm summers conspire together to create wines of wines of exceptional quality; Hobbs is becoming one of Australia’s premium labels. Look out for the ‘1905’, named for the year this ancestor vineyard was planted. 


11 February

We have “yet to determine” what Sons of Eden will appear with. Aged High Eden Riesling? 6-litre bottles of Romulus and Remus? It could be anything, but for sure, it will be amazing. Hands up for the latest release of Romulus (Barossay Valley) and Remus (Eden Valley) shiraz, equally awarded Best in Show, Decanter World Wine Awards, London. 97 points & Platinum medal. 


18 February

Explore our ‘Six Origins of Shiraz’ Special Project. A deep dive into shiraz from six distinct sub-regions of Barossa & Eden Valleys. 

High Eden - Peter Schell & Magali Gely, Spinifex Wines

Light Pass - Jason Schwarz, Schwarz Wine Co.

Keyneton - Greg & Allison Hobbs, Hobbs Family Vintners

Angaston - Corey Ryan & Simon Cowham, Sons of Eden

Gomersal - James & John Lienert, Lienert Vineyards 

Ebenezer - John & Tim Duval, John Duval Wines

The exceptional 2018 vintage is almost sold out; for potentially the last time, we open our six wines from this Project. 


25 February

John Duval Wines comes into focus at the last weekend of February, and since John was last with us, two grandchildren have been welcomed to the family. This year will mark John’s 50th vintage, so make a booking well in advance to take the opportunity to taste with him. The big question over this date is, will we be harvesting grapes by then?


March sneak peek: 4 March

It’s a fair way in the distance, but for those keeping scores at home and planning ahead, Spinifex joins us on the first Saturday in March.


Here’s how it works: 

Each Saturday, we have one of our Artisans in our Wine Room and Essen, our contemporary, innovative interpretation of seasonal Barossa food.

Make a reservation in Essen, and we will have a particular flight of the Artisan’s wine matched to one of our dishes. One of our Artisans will talk you through the wines and the food match 1:1 with you. 


Make a reservation in our Wine Room lounge for a Rarities tasting, and we’ll have new releases, museum or large format wines available. One of our Artisans will join you for part of your tasting, talk you through how we preserve small-batch winemaking in the Barossa, and guide you through the wines. 

It’s an experience never to be repeated, and one of the unique features of our collaborative concept - is the ability to connect with and discuss the wines with the people that make them.  

Our home is where we share everything we love about Barossa with you.

An opportunity for you to relax and enjoy over 100 wines from eight small-batch winemakers in our Wine Room or at Essen, our benchmark Barossa dining space.